Guy From MANDARIN One-Shot Will Be Bad Guy in ANT-MAN

Matt Gerald, the actor who played the character “White Power Dave” in the Mandarin-centered Marvel one-shot film, All Hail the King has just been cast as an unnamed bad guy in Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man film.

The exact role is unknown and the internet still doesn’t know if Matt Gerald will be reprising his role as “White Power Dave” or if this is a new role entirely.

For all you Matt Gerald fans out there you can catch him in The Shield, Avatar, Escape Plan and Dexter.

The question is: Why are they still casting roles if the movie is going to be released next year? UnleashTheFanboy is very excited for Ant-Man because ants and hopefully Marvel will release more information about the film’s progress soon after Guardians of the Galaxy is released.

You’ll find Matt Gerald alongside Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Patrick Wilson and Michael Pena in Ant-Man come July 2015.

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