GRODD Rises in New Teaser for THE FLASH!

Let us all fall to our knees and praise the fanGod for this year as we get to behold the mighty Gorilla Grodd!

Sure it’s the CW and it’ll probably be a mixture of mediocre TV CGI and practical effects, but no one can deny that we live in outstanding times. As the character that’s been teased since the pilot of The Flash rises. Let me just say I wasn’t sure how the series would portray him, but so far I’m totally on board.

The iconic antagonist made his first appearance The Flash (vol.1) #106 and he’s been a thorn in our speedster’s side for decades in different universes. Ignoring the tweaking to his original origin the basic core of the character remains the same, at one time Grodd was an average ape who thanks to a significant occurrence became super intelligent, telepathic and telekinetic. So you can see why our Dr. Harrison Wells might have some plans for the gorilla moving forward

With Marvel bringing Ultron to the big screen and DC blowing up the Arrow-verse on TV, it truly is a great time to be a fanboy or fangirl. But what did you think about that teaser? Are you excited? Or underwhelmed?

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Grodd on the Prowel

SOURCE: Youtube