GOTHAM Recruits MASTERS OF SEX Actor To Play Harvey Dent

If you have any small bottles of acid lying around, you might want keep them out of arm’s reach starting now. Deadline recently announced that Nicholas D’Agosto (Heroes, Masters of Sex) has been cast as Harvey Dent in Gotham. He will appear as a recurring character during season 1 with the option to become a regular in season 2. In other words, if the Gotham creative team likes him enough, the chances of D’Agosto joining the main cast improve significantly. This will be the fourth time Harvey Dent has been played in live-action after Billy Dee Williams, Tommy Lee Jones and Aaron Eckhart. Here is the description of Harvey that Deadline provided:

Harvey Dent is a bright, charming, idealistic Assistant District Attorney whose sole mission is to eradicate the crime and corruption that has poisoned Gotham. Although he one day will serve as the white knight Gotham needs so badly as a DA, Dent also gives us a fleeting glimpse of the hideous villain he will become: Two-Face.


Now, let me just point one thing out. Yes, D’Agosto looks extremely young, but guess what? He’s 34! He may look like he just got his law degree (or graduated high school for that matter), but with enough hard work, yeah, this guy could be an assistant District Attorney. If there’s one thing we know about Harvey Dent, it’s that he’s intelligent…and has a penchant for pocket change. Gotham also seems to be going the same route that Batman: The Animated Series went with Harvey: showcasing his dark side before be becomes Two-Face. The acid scarring may have broken his sanity, but in this interpretations will be dealing with inner demons years before that unfortunate trial.

Though I wouldn't expect another appearance from Big Bad Harv

Though I wouldn’t expect another appearance from Big Bad Harv

Here’s something that’s bugged me about Gotham. Aside from Selina Kyle, who is only two years older than Bruce Wayne, all of Batman’s villains in this universe are at a minimum 10 years older than him. So when Batman hits the scene, let’s say around his mid-late 20s, most of his rogues gallery will be in their mid 30s and beyond. This is fine for characters like Penguin and Hugo Strange, and I was even okay with Riddler being older, but I was hoping Harvey would avoid that fate. In many interpretations, Harvey and Bruce are around the same age and are friends. now, that’s not to say that Gotham‘s Bruce and Harvey won’t become friends (though I doubt it’ll happen in the series), but having that gap takes away from their relationship.


Here are two men who had the same goal of bringing justice to Gotham City, but went about it in different ways. One decided to work within the government to to tackle crime and corruption, the other dressed up in tights and a cape and spent his nights literally tackling and beating bad guys to a pulp. In Gotham, even if they make it so Harvey is only in his late 20s when he becomes Assistant DA, he’ll have a a 12-14 year head start on Bruce. This doesn’t break the show for me, but I was looking forward to seeing that parallel journey.

SOURCE: Deadline