GOTHAM Plans To Tease The Joker…In Every First Season Episode!

One of the defining aspects of the upcoming Fox series Gotham is that it will feature younger versions of Batman’s famed rogues gallery, most notably main cast members The Penguin and Riddler. The producers have stated that other villains will appear throughout the series, including Batman’s most famous enemy The Joker. However, if a new report from Bleeding Cool is to be believed, they’re not just going to hand the pre-Clown Price of Crime to us directly like they’re doing with young Oswald Cobblepot and Edward Nygma. Oh no, they’re going to keep playing mind games with us.


Let’s back up a little bit. Last week, Bleeding Cool published their take on the Gotham pilot episode, along with screenshots. One of those image was of a young comedian (played by Jon Beavers) doing a set at Fish Mooney’s nightclub, who they guessed to be The Joker. In a follow-up article, they revealed that the comedian is telling a joke that most of us has probably heard, but luckily Mooney hasn’t and cracks up. This comedian is also very expressive, and combined with Joker’s past as a failed comedian in Batman: The Killing Joke, this guy seems like a good fit for the future cackling villain.


However, this may not be the case. According a new Bleeding Cool article, the Gotham crew is playing with the audience. Throughout the first season, each episode will “introduce a character that might be a future Joker, each emphasising aspects of the character’s iconography, a card sharp, a flower seller, a clown, or just a guy with a very big grin.”


Oddly enough, I speculated a little while back that they might give us several candidates for The Joker throughout the show. With a character like The Joker, you can’t just directly reveal who he is, let alone give out his real name (unless it’s Batman ’89). However, doing this in every episode of the first season? Talk about overkill! I understand that there’s no guarantee that Gotham is going to survive into season 2, but if they really feel the need to tease the Joker this early, the comedian bit is fine for now. Spread this throughout the entire series. This isn’t like inserting a pineapple into every episode of Psych. Maybe I’m alone here, but this is going to get annoying after awhile.

Besides, if they really respect the character, they’ll never tell us which of these guys is the real Joker, so it wouldn’t hurt to spread the gag out.

SOURCE: Bleeding Cool