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With the pilot for Gotham, the characters from the comics came alive in a way they never have. Most we know; Commissioner Gordon, Harvey Bullock, Edward Nygma, Selina Kyle and Oswald Cobblepot. But one in particular jumps right out of some of the most iconic comics in the Batman library. This would be the main crime boss, Carmine Falcone, who appeared at the end and saved Gordon and Bullock’s lives. He also hinted at being friends with Gordon’s father when he was District Attorney. But, once we read the source material, we’re left wondering how much of it will end up in Gotham continuity.


Falcone’s early comic history is featured in Batman: The Long Halloween. His father, Vincent Falcone, brings Carmine to Thomas Wayne after him being shot by Sal Maroni’s father, Luigi. Sal Maroni figures big in the criminal background as does Carmine Falcone. Thomas Wayne operated on Carmine at Wayne Manor to stay out off the Maroni radar. This led the Falcone family to be indebted to the Waynes.

There is also a serial killer named Holiday who Falcone believes is none other than District Attorney Harvey Dent. It is Falcone who sets up Sal Maroni to attempt to kill Dent with acid, giving birth to the Two-Face legend. This comes back to haunt him as Two Face pulls together a familiar cast of characters; Solomon Grundy, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Penguin, Hatter, Joker and Catwoman. Needless to say, Falcone didn’t survive the attack.

Falcone also made an appearance in Batman Begins

Falcone also made an appearance in Batman Begins

Another comic classic that features Carmine Falcone is the epic Batman: Year One. Here, like on Gotham, he runs the city. In the comic, he owns the mayor, council and even Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb. Batman serves notice that the Falcone empire is coming to a close. Obviously Gotham wont be dealing with Batman, but it seems young Detective Gordon is dead set in stirring the pot. There is a definite Catwoman connection. Falcone also has Gordon’s wife and kids kidnapped to put him in line, and the young Detective finds a new ally in Harvey Dent. Between Gordon, Dent and Batman, they cripple Falcone’s organization.

Falcone isn’t alive for Batman: Dark Victory, but his grave weighs heavily in it. Someone robs the grave and takes the body. Selina Kyle also guest stars in this comic masterpiece. Sofia Gigante, Falcone’s daughter, has taken over. Two-Face is at play again challenging the heir to the Falcone empire. Catwoman, Selina Kyle, comes to believe that she is Carmine Falcone’s daughter.

John Doman plays Carmine Falcone in GOTHAM

John Doman plays Carmine Falcone in GOTHAM

Will any of this surface on the television? Only time will tell, but it leaves room for all sorts of great continuity and classic storytelling.

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