Nanananananananananananananaaaaa…. ROBIN! Wait thats not right….

We’re back again with another UTF Get The Look, where we show you how to pay homage to one of your geeky idols without having to don a cape and spandex and look crazy whilst wondering the streets.

This week we’ve decided to tackle everyones favourite sidekick; Robin, and don’t worry there aren’t any green speedos or fairy boots in sight (although if you’ve brave enough to pull it off we say go for it! We can’t promise people wont stare at you in the streets though).

Robin’s costume has never really been subtle, but luckily for you fanboys out there I have been *ahem* reliably informed that bright colours are so in right now (LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Bright colours might totally not be in right now or even ever) so paying tribute to Robin has never been easier. Simply combine a red t-shirt with some green chinos (coloured chinos are definitely in right now) and top it off with a yellow hoodie. Complete the look with a pair of sleek black sunglasses (to shield your eyes from those bright clothes) and a black belt.

Stay tuned to UTF for more Get The Looks, and if there are any you would like to see n the future just leave a comment below or email me at