FOX Tries To Fool Us Into Thinking QUICKSILVER Is Cool

A new promo video shows Quicksilver (Even Peters) eating a Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s X-Tra Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuit.

After last month’s disaster-mercial that saw Mystique forced to shapeshift into a man in order to enjoy an X-Tra Bacon Thickburger in the most blatantly sexist commercial Fox could insert an X-Men character into because “man up” or something.

On top of the Quicksilver/Kid Vid costume controversy, Fox seems to be competing against DC Comics for a gold medal in the “Comics Stupidity Olympics”.

The new Quicksilver commercial shows Evan Peters Quicksilver showing off his super-speed powers in an attempt by Fox to try to prove to us that their version of the character is like, totally better than the one soon to appear in Avengers 2.

According to X-Men: Days of Future Past director, Bryan Singer, “making Quicksilver eat a disgusting and greasy burger is the best way to prove that having useless accessories and a leather jacket are essential to the character.”

Fox Studios Production President also added, “This commercial sends a message to our audiences that our Quicksilver has good taste in burgers.”

Check out the Quicksilver video below and make sure to catch X-Men: Days of Future Past in theaters in May 2014!


Source: The Outhouse