It’s been two years since Foster was out in single issue form. Has it been worth this long wait to finally see it’s conclusion or will it disappoint? Read on to find out.

The official description from OSSM Comics:

Set against the backdrop of late 60′s/early 70′s urban crime movies, FOSTER follows a haunted war veteran who finds himself the guardian of a 6 year-old boy being hunted by a shadowy race of brutal creatures, rising up from the darkness.

Foster previewFoster tells a tale of a man trying to right a past wrong by looking after a small boy named Ben. The emotion and drama that spreads from this one goal along with the chemistry and emotional bond that forms between Foster and Ben makes it a breathtaking read with the monstrous Dwellers adding a touch of horror.

Brian Buccellato has proven himself a talented writer with his run on Flash and Detective Comics being fabulous work. His work on this story however makes them look average with the character depth and passion making it a thrilling read. Buccellato also makes you feel for the characters with the tension and suspense being thrilling to say the least. The horror aspect of this tale is also handled perfect with it being gritty and impactful without overpowering the emotion. As for the final chapter itself it too proved very exhilarating as though it wasn’t the best it was a terrific conclusion to the story.

Noel Tuazon‘s rough and gritty art really suited the tone of Buccellato’s script as though the lack of detail may be off putting to some I personally felt that it added to the atmosphere. Putting that aside Tuazon showed wonderful storytelling skills with the smooth layouts and emotional character reactions giving an intense look to the story. On top of this his ink work also proved to be very striking with the mixture of bold and thin lines highlighting the tension and emotion of the characters. Buccellato also proves why he’s one of the best colourists in the comic industry with his paint like colours giving the perfect finish to Turazon’s art.

Foster is the kind of story that you need to read with it’s emotional focus and thrilling pace being very enjoyable. Highly recommended.

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