First look at Devon Graye as The Trickster on CW’s THE FLASH

Last month, it was announced that Mark Hamill would reprise his role as James Jesse aka The Trickster on CW’s The Flash. And while fans of the 1990s series like myself were happy to hear it, we also learned that Hamill wouldn’t be the Trickster causing trouble for Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen. That privilege is reserved for Devon Graye, who was announced for the role two weeks ago. Multiple news sites have photos of Graye in full costume while filming scenes for the upcoming episode in Vancouver. All I can say to that is…bravo.


Honestly, I have no qualms about Graye’s look as Axel Walker. Though the costume doesn’t have the myriad of colors that Mark Hamill’s costume did, it’s almost a exact copy of Walker’s costume from the comics. The diamond shaped mask,  the oversized blue jacket and gloves, the plaid pants, it’s all there.

The only thing the photos don’t show us are his shoes. There hasn’t been any mention of The Trickster donning his famous air shoes on screen yet, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. If the show can make Pied Piper a S.T.A.R. Labs-level genius, they can make Axel more than a hyperactive sociopath with a thing for toys and explosives.













Graye will make his debut as The Trickster in the 17th episode of The Flash, due to air March 10th.