Exclusive Stars Wars Clone Wars Season 4 Concept Art

Thank god for the genius that is Star Wars: The Clone Wars! Despite getting off to a bit of a false start with a dodgy theatrical release, the show has proven to be everything fans wanted the prequel trilogy to be, and certainly isn’t just for kids!

Yesterday saw the release of Season 4 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on BluRay and DVD, arguably the best season so far, which featured the return of fan favourite (and one of the only redeeming features of the Phantom Menace, other than Liam Neeson of course) Darth Maul.

Check out some concept art from the second episode of the season; “Water War“, as well as some alternate concepts for Darth Maul‘s robotic legs, a hairless Obi Wan Kenobi, and a sketch of General Grievous taking on the Night Sisters.

Concept art for Darth Maul’s robotic legs

Filoni Sketch of General Grievous fighting the Night Sisters

Obi-Wans Shaved Head

Jellyfish concept art from Water War

In its critically acclaimed fourth season, the battle to save the galaxy reaches new heights of peril and new depths of darkness. The valiant Jedi Knights and clone troopers defend exotic planets from enemy forces. They wage war underwater, battle across a night-shrouded world and take on the merciless Death Watch. Our heroes are tested like never before as Anakin is haunted by the realities of his past, Ahsoka fights to free her people and an undercover Obi- Wan braves a deadly bounty hunter tournament. Season Four culminates with the shocking return of a villain from the past: the ruthless Darth Maul, who will stop at nothing to achieve vengeance.

Check out the clip below of Darth Maul from Season 4 on BluRay and DVD, which is available now, below: