Euron Greyjoy Has Been Cast for GAME OF THRONES!!!

Typically, Game of Thrones unleashes its casting for the next season at San Diego Comic-Con. Because the con was held earlier this year that didn’t happen, and instead we got some crummy panel where almost all the actors said they didn’t read the books (well, I guess it wasn’t that disappointing…). Since then, there have been two major pieces of casting news; Ian McShane in an undisclosed role, and Max von Sydow as the recast Three-Eyed Raven. However, there’s still a bunch of roles left to be filled; who will be playing Randyll Tarly (Sam’s dad)? The Northern lords? Freys? And, most importantly, who will bring Euron Greyjoy to life?

Now we know. Probably.

euron greyjoy actor game of thrones

This is Danish actor Pilou Asbæk (Borgen), who was spotted in Ballintoy, Northern Ireland recently where an Iron Islands scene was being filmed involving a “crowd cheering for Euron”. If you haven’t read A Song of Ice and Fire then you might be a little confused right now, so here’s a run-down: Euron is the uncle of Theon and Yara who sails back to the Iron Islands after a round-the-world trip in exile and becomes a major player in the saga. He’s the Westerosi equivalent of a satanist and a fucking psychopath – understandably, he’s regarded pretty highly in the fan community.

This info comes from Watchers on the Wall; if you’ve read a Game of Thrones article here on UTF before then you would have definitely read their name. They’re the #1 fansite out there with a ton of legitimate sources and regular scoops on everything from hard casting like this to potential shooting locations – and they’re always right. That’s why I’d be very surprised if this guy isn’t our Euron.

I haven’t seen anything that Pilou (I can’t type his last name) has starred in, but he looks very much like Alfie Allen – Theon Greyjoy – and seems to have a certain intensity to him just from those eyes. That’s exactly what Euron needs, although the resemblance is a little odd. If you want an idea of how he’s described in the books, then picture a shadier-lookin’ Thorin Oakenshield from The Hobbit. Or just take a look at this artwork.


The show’s Euron better have that damn eyepatch!

The site also has some more info on what was actually being filmed in Ballintoy, but it’s kinda spoilery, so only go and take a gander if that kind of thing doesn’t bother you.

This is looking to be our Euron Greyjoy, and I’m excited. It hopefully won’t be too long until it’s officially confirmed through one of the trades or a HBO press release. This news is just awesome because he is one of the most interesting characters in the books (even though we haven’t been exposed to him too much), and it seemed as if he and the rest of the Iron Islands plot had been cut when they didn’t show up in Season 5. I really, really hope that it lives up to expectations, and they don’t give him a talking parrot or something.

Game of Thrones strikes back next spring.