Breathe a slight sigh of relief Star Warriors, because Papa Disney has decided to hire Lawrence Kasdan, scribe of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, for STAR WARS EPISODE 8 and 9. The House of Mouse is leaning its ridiculously over-sized ears towards the rabble rousers of fandom, doing everything in their power not to f*** up this glorious opportunity. It seems like they’re actually trying to reassemble the full classic team (sans George Lucas of course) to ensure the quality won’t reach Prequel-levels of shitiness. Kasdan will also receive some Modern aide from X-MEN writer Simon Kinberg, whose only blemish is his work on The Last Stand.

Now, I’m not quite sure where the new Star Wars story will venture, especially since they’ve abandoned the Expanded Universe material, but I hope there’s a good helping of lightsaber duels. If there’s one thing that the 6 previous films have lacked, it’s a great sword fight.

Sure, the Original Trilogy had some terrifyingly grave moments with those glowing, sizzling death sticks, but the special effects of the time couldn’t transform those scenes into true spectacles. The Prequel Trilogy suffered from the opposite. They had beautiful CGI, but lifeless direction and cinematography. Hopefully the new series will capture both of those aspects perfectly, and Kasdan has the opportunity to provide the context.

Meanwhile, a certain retired Sith Lord couldn’t be bothered to comment…