We don’t want an X-MEN TV SHOW! … Okay, maybe we do.

According to TV Insider a once rumored idea from the bowels of 20th Century Fox might be a thing. That’s right the X-Men could potentially get a TV show in the near future.

Let’s start off with the fact that everyone’s favorite mutant do-gooders and villains have an insanely large cast that’s been, for the most, criminally underused in their own feature films. Save for those few core characters most fan favorites have been relegated to a cameo appearance and nothing more. I have no idea who’d they use for this but at the moment the movies have a pretty young cast with actors and actresses that could easily cameo if not star in this off-shoot.

Fox entertainment chairmen Gary Newman said this:

It’s in negotiations. We’re cautiously optimistic, we had a good meeting with them. That will not be on a fast track creatively. This is just the deal, now we have to find the creative.

I know excitement is building for what this company is cooking. They’ve had a pretty good time lately, X-Men: Days of Future Past turned out frigging awesome and the new Fantastic Four trailer was promising. And based off that the the fanboy in me is cautiously optimistic. But I do have one message for the executives in charge: make it better then Genration X, then I’m game.

But what do you think? Could this be a good idea? Or will Fox mess it up? Is it the studio’s half-cocked response to NBC resurrecting Heroes?

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SOURCE: TV Insider