Doing it with Masks On: Superheroine Spotlight: X-23

In our new weekly editorial, Doing it with Masks On, we’ll be exploring the fairer sex in the world of comics. Yes, this is shameless male pandering, but it’s also a chance to highlight some of the greatest comic book characters that often reside under the radar, as comics are indeed a male-dominated industry. Of course these ladies were chosen in part by how attractive they are, but there are many facets to their being attractive: Personality, powers, costumes, origins, etc. We at UTF do NOT condone the objectification of women, however, we do condone the objectification of drawings of women. -Dane





What happens when you clone Wolverine, arguably the most popular comic book character, but it turns out to be a sexy, female clone who is possibly more ferocious and psychologically tormented than the original Weapon X? Well, you get X-23. In a semi-successful attempt to recreate the Wolverine’s powers and killing fury, Laura Linney was born. With only two adamantium claws in her wrists and one in each foot (which were made by removing the bone claws and reinserting them covered in the metal, with NO ANESTHETIC!), the young girl was programmed to be a ruthless killing machine. Kept in a cell and “activated” by a specific pheromone that sends her into kill mode, eventually Laura was freed and ended up fighting Wolverine and several other heroes. Thankfully, she came around and joined the X-Men’s younger class for a time before becoming one of the founding members of Wolverine’s brutal mutant strike team, X-Force. She causes old Logan some grief, but he’s able to keep her in check. Until he needs to unleash her on some poor bastards who never had a chance. Like in Messiah Complex when Wolverine set her against his old nemesis Lady Deathstrike. Deathstrike had no idea what she was in for, as X-23 had a score to settle: Deathstrike had critically injured X-23’s boyfriend, Hellion.

Bad move:



Character Facts:

Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance X-Men: Evolution
“X-23 (2003)”
First comic appearance NYX #3 (2004)
Created by Craig Kyle
In-story information
Alter ego Laura Kinney
Species Human Mutant, clone
Team affiliations The Facility
New X-Men
Weapon X
Xavier Institute
Avengers Academy
Notable aliases Laura X, Talon, Captain Universe
  • Regenerative healing factor
  • Superhuman strength, stamina, agility, reflexes, and senses
  • Retractable adamantium-laced bone claws
  • Expert martial artist, sniper, assassin and demolitions
  • Trained in use of long range weapons and explosives
  • Educated; multi-lingual