DOCTOR WHO “Dark Water” Review

Will the identity of Missy be revealed? Read on to find out.

The official description from BBC:

In the mysterious world of the Nethersphere, plans have been drawn. Missy is about to come face to face with the Doctor, and an impossible choice is looming… ‘Death is not an end’, promises the sinister organisation known only as 3W – but, as the Doctor and Clara discover, they might wish it was.

The current series of Doctor Who has delivered it’s fair share of average episodes, with one in particular frustrating this fanboy. It has however seen a resurgence of quality over the last few episodes, with each one being some of the best Doctor Who has ever produced. This continues as we enter the penultimate episode of Series 8, with “Dark Water” seeing the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and Missy (Michelle Gomez) finally meet in the first part of a two part finale.

DW Dark Water (4)

Clara (Jenna Coleman) has been put through her paces in this series, having to adapt to an all new Doctor, as well as be involved in yet more dangerous situations. “Dark Water” however sees the Doctor’s companion pushed to the limit, with the death of a loved one bringing out her true nature. Steven Moffat also proves once more why he’s a genius at creating some of the most creepiest Doctor Who tales, with the whole preservation of the dead having an utterly creepy feel. We also finally get to see Missy at her best, with her humorous and calculating actions allowing for both an eerie and entertaining vibe. A classic foe also made a return, as if the 3W logo wasn’t enough to clue fans in on the Cybermen return, then the trailer most certainly was. These mechanical foes however prove an afterthought in this outing, with revelation of Missy’s identity being the most gripping part of this penultimate episode.

DW Dark Water (3)

Peter Capaldi has proven himself to be the standout performer of this series, already putting himself amongst the best Doctor’s. He was however outshadowed by the great female talent in this episode, with Michelle Gomez and Jenna Coleman giving phenomenal performances. The way that Gomez managed to deliver humour with a sinister flair really appealed to me, with the way she delivered the big revelation being utterly gripping. The chemistry between Gomez and Capaldi also allowed for an engaging series of events, with both actors working brilliantly off one another. I did however once again find Samuel Anderson‘s (Danny Pink) performance to be a bit underwhelming, as though I won’t say I hate his character, at the same time I wouldn’t lose sleep if he left the series.

“Dark Water” kicks off the grand finale in the Twelfth Doctor’s first series, with Missy’s plans giving us some chilling events. There’s also some emotional elements on display, with the appearance of the Cybermen, and revelation of Missy‘s identity leaving this fanboy eager for the final episode. Highly recommended.

  • + Michelle Gomez gives her best performance to date.
  • + Steven Moffat reminds us why he’s the showrunner.
  • + Clara shows what she's really capable of.
  • - The Cybermen aren't as influential as expected.