DOCTOR WHO Christmas Special Title Revealed

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One month to ago! The Christmas special is called The Time Of The Doctor and here are some slightly spoiler-y facts about the show. Avert your eyes and don’t read on if you want to keep your spoiler virginity.. that sounded better in my head…


  • You will come to Trenzalore, a planet of war.
  • You will find out where Gallifrey went.
  • You will discover what the Silence are.
  • You will see who the voice in the TARDIS was.
  • The episode will be nine hundred years long.
  • There will be Daleks, Cybermen and Weeping Angels. Some of them will be wooden. So will The Doctor.

Sounds exciting, not to mention it’ll be 11’s last episode and we’ll finally get to see 12!


“We’re killing off the main character. Merry Christmas from the BBC.”

SOURCE: Bleeding Cool


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