DEXTER “Make your Own Kind Of Music” Review


Finally! At Last! This season, after nine episodes, is finally picking up with some action and risk! It’s taken a while but Dexter seems to be getting better and better, almost as good as previous seasons. So what was this weeks episode about? Getting revenge on the Brain Surgeon.

It took Dexter around ten minutes in of the episode to figure out who the killer was. I didn’t see this coming, but now that I think about it seems obvious. My judgement was blinded because I stayed up until 3AM watching The Office, and since I’m Irish, I had to watch Dexter in the morning. But who is the brain surgeon? Drum roll please….

Lo and behold… the Ryan Gosling wannabe

Yep, the Ryan Gosling wannabe (Maybe he could have been a contender for Batman under Gosling’s name?) is the brain surgeon. It explains why he’s been kept around so much after Cassie’s death two weeks ago. But that ain’t all folks, he’s Dr. Vogels son, who murdered his own brother as a child. He faked his death in the nuthouse, and took the the name Oliver Saxon. There’s really no depth of ‘psycho’ that this show won’t explore.

In other news, Hannah McKay is still on the run, she even has a manhunt (womanhunt?) going on. But it all seems pointless just over halfway through the episode, because it’s called off after 24 hours. That’s my estimate anyway. That sorta sucked.

But more crazy schemes occurred. Dexter wants to move with Harrison and Hannah, to Argentina. They’re really taking half the plot and risk this season, from the last season. I’m not sure I’d be happy with a happy and jolly ending like that. Because if that happens, then Dexter will no doubt be rid of his Dark Passenger, which will just magically disappear no doubt.

And now for Deb’s part. Poor Deb, I usually leave her to the end of the review. It’s not that I don’t like her, it’s just that she hasn’t had a massive part to play recently. But that’s starting to change too. This week Deb was thinking of returning to the force, but had to decide against it because she had Hannah ‘I ruin everything’ McKay with her in her house.

And that seems to be everything, except that Vogel seems to be plotting something with her son, Oliver Saxon. Who knows how that’ll turn out.

This weeks episode was probably one of the best so far so this season. I give it a blood spatting score of..

Dexter is taking a break for labor day (whatever that it is) It returns on September the 8th


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