DEADPOOL Continues to Look Pretty Awful in New Poster

Deadpool is always a funny character to read in the comics as a guest star. Him teaming up with Spider-Man for example in recent years has proved priceless. Interestingly his character hasn’t been adapted much anywhere else. He was great in the animated film Hulk vs. Wolverine. He was critically panned in his first live action portrayal from X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I think Ryan Reynolds did a pretty solid job in that first act. What was inexcusable was what they did with him in the climax.

Deadpool getting his own movie is kind of surreal, but just about everything when it comes to footage and marketing has shown it to be a very distasteful film. In my opinion Deadpool works best as a side character, being that over-the-top funny guy whom annoys the serious people and bad guys. The film looks to have just bad humor overall, if the poster below is any indication.


The X-Men film series have been movies the family can enjoy, so this is kind of a strange one-shot. It would be like having a rated R Punisher film in the mix of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It just wouldn’t go and eliminates a core audience. I think films should follow a code of ethics when it comes to morality, and sadly Deadpool seems to be content with being like a Michael Bay Transformers film, or worst if we’re going by the interviews.

Deadpool sees release on February 12th.

Source: EW