Your Days of Future Past

With X-Men Days of Future Past being released today I think its important to take a moment and realize, X-Men Days of Future Past is being released today.  What I mean by this is take a moment and imagine journeying  into the past to complain about the movie to your previous self after you first discovered this story arc.  So no later than 1981.


Your past self exclaims, “There is a big Budget version of Days of Future Past with A list stars and a director with an impressive filmography.  That’s amazing!”

“No it isn’t.”  You tell your past self.  “Kitty Pryde’s role as time traveler is switched to Wolverine.”

Do you think your past self will be that upset, or like any work adapted for the screen they will be more adult about it and say that changes are always made in adaptions.  Your past self might be excited to see so much Wolverine on the big screen.

This is when you tell your past self that last summer there already was a Wolverine movie based off the Chris Clarememont Frank Miller Limited series so you would like to see other  mutants on the big screen.

“So how many X-Men movies are there?”  Your past self asks puzzled.

You reply. “Six but two of them were pretty bad.”

Its at this point your past self smacks you and if its 1981, asks if you remember how many awesome big budget superhero movies there are at this point in time.  Before you can answer your past self answers, “Superman and Superman 2.”


If Days of Future Past is awful, lets call it awful.  Spiderman 3 is awful.  By this I mean even in the theater before the credits rolled I was not enjoying the movie.  X-Men The Last Stand was bad, but I didn’t fully realize how bad until I left the theater.  I remained entertained throughout.  If Days of Future Past is a good movie that changes elements of the story, lets appreciate there is a good movie with characters we’ve followed for decades, and not be Jeff Albertson.