Copperhead #5 Review

Copperhead! Where the answers you seek, aren’t the ones you want.

The official description from Image:

There are no easy answers for Sheriff Clara Bronson in the conclusion of our first story arc!

Copperhead 5 CoverAs the official description clearly states, this is the last issue in this first story arc. The creators made it. We made it. Some of the characters made it.

That said, not too long into this series, I was hooked. It wasn’t just one thing. It was a collection of things, all based on the collaborative and magnificent efforts of this creative team.

Jay Faerber continues to amaze. The twists and turns genuinely surprise me. This is definitely not a book where I cam going to be able to guess the ending. And in a world where “it has all been done before”, Jay has managed to invent new ways to represent age old tales. This story definitely does not feel warn.

And then you have the stupendous art of  Scott Godlewski. The art is crisp and paired perfectly with the genre. From broad landscapes and highly detailed machinery, to subtle intricacies expressing emotion on the character’s faces, Scott has this project nailed. To be clear, he is working in a world where there are few reference images. I have to imagine that Scott has developed the archetype for “backwater planet hillbilly alien”.

So, if you haven’y yet, I strongly encourage embarking on the mission to the wondrous world that is COPPERHEAD. You will not be disappointed.

  • + Perfect ending to this first arc!
  • + Wonderful world building!
  • + I cannot wait for the next arc to begin!

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