Gather around dear readers because I’m going to talk to you about an important topic that should be on your mind. It involves millions of copies of various titles that will be made available when participating locations open up today. That’s right, it’s FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!


When it comes to a certain beloved industry that literally carries a foundation based on ink and pieces of paper, there’s really only one true holiday that’s meant to celebrate and attract new, current and tired readers!

It started in 2002 and began as an annual tradition to take the success surrounding comic based films and attempt to translate it into traffic at local comic shops! It’s a chance for fanboys and fangirls to be treated with a smorgasbord of titles from Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Image Comics, IDW PublishingValiant Entertainment, Aspen MLT, Archie ComicsZenescope Entertainment and so many more!

If you feel like doing a dance right now, go ahead, but watch this awesome video first!


A huge portion of this shindig is not just about getting free things. It’s also an opportunity for an entire industry to help a new generation learn to read in a very fun way.  We all like to give back, and be just a little bit like the costumed vigilantes we idolize, and what better way than to give a little boy or girl the chance to explore these worlds that they more than likely haven’t seen before.

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My Comic StackWhen I was growing up I was behind in regards to my reading level. That was the reality for most of my time in elementary school. Now, mind you, this didn’t exist back then but I did have an older brother with a shoe-box full of torn and tattered comics. It was a treasure trove that came from many of the companies that will be participating in this nationwide event. Those fantasy adventures involving caped crusaders, misunderstood masses, tales of friendship and heroes faster than a sonic boom helped me form my current skills.

It’s not the sole thing that got me going but it helped get me where I’m at.  And I like to imagine that there’s a lot more people with a similar background in regards to their own collection. And yes,I still have those old issues on a shelf that’s just full of fond memories.


This is really a huge high five to anyone who’s willing to go out and and try something new. Whether you’re in the industry or on the outside looking in this is a special celebration where we all get to be ourselves without having to pay an entry fee, and that right there is something to admire.

So head on out to your local shops and get those free issues!

And by all means take new readers with you!

And one just final message, because we need a living legend to sound off about this!

Free Comic Book Day


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