BLACK WIDOW SPOILERS: Red Guardian Changes

Whoa… we might have some Black Widow Spoilers here, so tread carefully.

David Harbour’s Red Guardian is already the best part of Marvel Phase 4. We’ve only just received the first Black Widow trailer, and I can’t get enough of the character. So today, let’s talk about that Soviet themed Captain America and figure out which version of that classic baddie Harbour will play in next year’s Marvel STudios flick.

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Alright, let’s talk about Red Guardian.

Scarlet Johansson’s Black Widow seemed pretty badass in this newest trailer, but DAvid Harbour’s Red Guardian really stole the show.

We don’t know much about Marvel Studios version of this character, but I think we can do away with a few of his classic plot points.

Before we try to decipher the changes, though, let’s talk about his comic history.

There were many Red Guardians, but the main iteration of the character was Alexei Shostakov . . He was trained in a secret Soviet super soldier program to be… you guessed it… a foil to Captain America.

In this version of the character, his wife was none other than Natasha Romanova, our very own Black Widow. While the Black Widow eventually became disillusioned with the Soviet regime,and defected to the United States, The Red Guardians continued fighting for Mother Russia.

Eventually the pair would meet in combat, and Red Guardian unfortunately was killed in their last confrontation.

Well, that’s the comic book version of the character. But, based on the new Black Widow trailer from Marvel STudios, I think we can already spot a few big plot points.

First, Red Guardian didn’t die in a confrontation between the Avengers and the Soviet’s allies. Instead, he just retired…. And got fat.

Second, it doesn’t look like he’s married to Black Widow. He seems like he was a spouse to Rachel Weisz character instead.

And third… well, we just don’t know that much about him. This film takes place after the Civil War, but before the events of Avengers Infinity War. That means we’re in the year 2016ish, which is about 26 years after the end of the Cold War. Without Soviet Russia as his motivation, I doubt the Red Guardian is going to fall into his familiar comic origin.

And I’d really hate to see him die, since David Harbour really seems like a loveable oaf in the role. And even though he’s nothing like Captain America, it’s nice to see another Patriotic themed hero play as our Steve Rogers surrogate. I hope Red Guardian stays around in future flicks.

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