Black Science #6 Review

Last issue of Black Science kicked into high gear as the action intensifies and Black Science #6 is the blast off into hyper drive. Writer Rick Remender hits a stride that shifts the story into a whole other dimension with a shocking and surprising ending.

Official description from IMAGE:
Stranded in the most dangerous dimension yet, Grant McKay’s rage at his onetime boss boils over. Ignoring the chaos all around them, the two finally come to blows! Only one thing is certain: before the Pillar makes its next jump… one of them must die! Don’t miss the conclusion to the first arc of the world’s most mind-melting sci-fi comic!

Black Science has been classic Remender story arc as the first four issues had plenty of excitement but it was just the appetizer to the meal. Now at issue six everything is turned on it’s head and what starts off as an act from Grant to defend and protect his family, all while stopping Kadir, who represents the true evil in his eyes. Remender continues to wrap, what’s essentially an action adventure story, in an elaborate and imaginative backdrop of science-fiction alien worlds. Grant and Kadir are so wrapped up in their fight that the aliens who are on the defensive feel much like bit players. But, as always, Remender has a plan to put the alien world and it’s technology front and center.

BlackScience06-CVRThe fight itself is the meat of the issue but by the end, roles change, alliances are shattered and emotions are at an all-time high. This is the point when all the other members of Grant’s team find out who they are and what their roles will become as they try to get home. The tension draws out their strengths to be leaders as their beliefs in each other slowly erode. Remender’s gut shot at the end is a strong punctuation on what readers feel should happen and how justice is finally delivered. By the end you’ll be as stunned and confused on what you believe and who you trust.

The new sci-fi elements that Remender tosses into the mix are both alien, oddly relatable and outright mysterious. It’s those simple fantastical touches that Remender knows how to write so well and launch the story into old-school classical sci-fi world he’s so masterful at designing. Artist Matteo Scalera’s work is so meticulous and gorgeous that you can feel the energy on  each page. One of Scalera’s gift is creating exciting motion and action from a static image. From his work here and, heart pounding work on Dead Body Road, he solidifies himself as a master of action and excitement. Chase scenes have been prevalent in Black Science from the beginning and no one brings it to life more than Scalera. It’s simply a masterful piece of work, not only here, but through the entire run of Black Science.

I can’t help gushing about the magnificent strides and progressions Remender brings to this story. It’s action-packed, heartfelt, emotional and unleashed sci-fi mayhem. The relationships that are built and destroyed by the teams travels through dimension and time will keep you guessing what’s around each corner, which is the best part of this ride Remender has created. Black Science is an incredibly well thought out adventure with rich characters fans of sci-fi, drama, and action can all get on board. Issue #6 is the pinnacle of change for the story and for all the characters involved and a perfect ending to the story’s first full arc. Black Science is magically story-telling from both Remender and Scalera which every comic book fan should take a chance on because you will not be disappointed.

  • + Shocking ending to this story arc
  • + Scalera's art is incredible
  • + Exciting new sci-fi twist
  • +Classic, old-school sci-fi feel

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