Has the creator of The Goon got yet another wonderful series on his hands? Or is this a series that you should leave on the shelves? Read on to find out.

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From ERIC POWELL (Eisner award-winning creator of The Goon) and TIM WEISCH (a guy who used to be a bricklayer) comes BIG MAN PLANS, a brutal crime drama with a shocking mystery at its heart. Even the most marginalized in society can exact revenge if they don’t care how they do it.

Big Man Plans #1Have you ever had plans that you never thought you’d fulfill? Have you ever found yourself going through daily life thinking that there’s something weird and wonderful that you could be getting up to? Well that seems to be something that Eric Powell and Tim Wiesch are working on in Big Man Plans, as whilst exploring the extraordinary life of a strange midget known as Big Man, the duo manage to spin a gritty yarn, that is striking to say the least.

Eric Powell may be best known for his ever popular Goon series over at Dark Horse, but that has never stopped him from creating strange and alluring tales at other publishers. His latest venture outside the world of the Goon, sees him team with good friend Tim Wiesch, delivering a indepth look into the life of a midget. Having a wonderful narration, as well as some breathtaking twists, this opening issue certainly captures this fanboys attention, with the character known as “Big Man,” being extremely intriguing. Despite this, I did feel that the duo tried to do a little too much, with the attempt to quickly bring us up to speed on Big Man’s past, feeling a little rushed.

If there was one thing that I was certain on going into this series, was that the artwork was going to amaze. Having admired Powell’s art since first picking up The Goon a number of years ago, I had high expectations going into this series, and I can gladly say I wasn’t disappointed. The way that he manages to give a powerful tone, to such a small character is truly astonishing, as though Big Man may very well be a dwarf, he most definitely has the presence of a “big man.” The gritty overtones in the art also manage to impress, with the scenery, and character emotion only going to enhance this. The colours also give added depth, with the richness of Powell’s palette being mesmerizing throughout.

Big Man Plans may have some work to do before it can be classed as a great tale, but it’s certainly heading in the right direction. Yes, the creative team jam a little too much into this opening issue, but the engaging narration, and wonderful characteristics of Big Man make it a series that I look forward to returning to.

  • + This little guy is most definitely a Big Man!
  • + Eric Powell's art never fails to astound.
  • + Wonderful premise.
  • - A little too much, too soon.

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