The second episode of the Beware the Batman marathon features clones. Lots of clones. SPOILERS!

Gotham City is overrun by a bunch of mysterious masked men, who all dress identically. One of them assassinates a man who tells Bruce Wayne (Anthony Ruivivar) to inform Ava Kirk (Tisha Terrasini Banker) that her father is not dead. When Bruce goes to tell her the good news, she gets attacked by more of the mysterious men. What is going on?

This was an interesting, but maybe overall pointless episode, but it was my first exposure to comic character Manhunter (no relation to the Green Lantern foe the Manhunters), AKA Paul Kirk (Xander Berkeley). Admittedly, I found him to be a bland character in an interesting plot.

Beware the Batman Unique

Manhunter is a very skilled individual, so of course, evil organizations would want to take advantage of that by cloning him. Imagine dozens of guys with Batman’s skill level running around. Not a pretty picture!

Unfortunately, this episode has almost nothing to do with the current plot, and since Beware the Batman only has a couple of episodes left, it makes that fact stand out even more. All this really adds to the series is a love interest for Batman, in the form of Ava Kirk, who I never grew to like as a character at all.

There is also a strange scene during the climax where Ava is held hostage by a villain. He lets her go, but in a later scene, is holding her again. Weird.

This isn’t a bad episode by any means, but now that we know the show is on borrowed time, it makes you wish this had been spent on one of the many sub-plots.

Beware the Batman Unique Manhunter

  • Clone filled story is interesting, tense
  • Very good action-sequences
  • Episode is mostly standalone, which can make one impatient for the important episode
  • Paul and Ava Kirk are uninteresting characters, unfortunately
  • Lame, unmemorable villains