BEWARE THE BATMAN “Monsters” Review

The latest Beware the Batman episode features the return of a fan-favorite. Let’s dive in. Spoilers ahead!

A mysterious vigilante (who isn’t Batman) begins taking down criminals every night at Old Gotham. Batman (Anthony Ruivivar) and Katana (Sumalee Montano) decide to investigate The Golem (as dubbed by the news), and discover that it’s Rex Mason (Adam Baldwin), now using his powers for good.

Meanwhile, Harvey Dent (Christopher McDonald) continues his crusade against the Dark Knight, using The Golem incident as an excuse to rally his fancy new Special Crimes Unit.

I really liked Rex Mason, AKA Metamorpho, way back in his debut episode. I really like him here, too. He’s developed into more of a hero, using his powers to fight crime. He also comes off as very sympathetic, still pining for his lost love, Sapphire Stagg (Emmanuelle Chriqui), who it turns out isn’t so innocent herself… His interaction with Katana is fun.

Metamorpho Beware the Batman

Unfortunately, I found myself losing attention to the other parts of the episode. Harvey Dent is still very unlikable, and the ending of the episode leaves off at a place that could make him even worse.

Sadly, the action scenes in this episode are also lacking, with lame minions. Dent’s new Special Units consists of police in very, very bulky robotic suits – suits that are bulletproof, but Katana can still slice in half. Huh? The fight scenes are actually very boring after awhile – its just Batman and co. slicing and knocking down robots again and again and again, one after another.

So, I liked the Metamorpho scenes. That was about it, sadly. I hope things pick up again later. Oh, we do get a flashback about the night Batman’s parents died….but for once, it did nothing for me…

Monsters Beware the Batman

  • Metamorpho is a great character
  • Plot twist with Sapphire Stagg is good
  • Boring action scenes
  • Harvey Dent is still terrible
  • Batman sub-plot is boring