My review of the third episode in the Beware the Batman marathon! SPOILERS!

Harvey Dent (Christopher McDonald) allies himself with Anarky (Wallace Langham), desperate to get rid of Batman, so that he can get elected as mayor. In turn, Anarky hires a mercenary named Deathstroke (Robin Atkin Downes). Dent gets more than he bargained for when he is betrayed by Deathstroke, and kidnapped as bait for Batman (Anthony Ruivivar).

This episode introduces fan-favorite Deathstroke, and I daresay, the show does him justice (unlike Son of Batman or Flashpoint Paradox). He’s ruthless, cunning, and able to give Batman a good fight. He brutally takes out Katana (Sumalee Monatno) and his climatic confrontation with Batman has him testing the limits of what Batman can do. And even when he loses, he wins in the sense that he shakes Bruce mentally.

Beware the Batman Hero

Even though I’m not crazy about Ava Kirk, I do think her date scene with Bruce was well-written, the flirting aspect coming across as playful. I also like how she puts her neck out to treat a wounded Katana.

If I have to bring up negatives, I’ll skip Harvey Dent. At this point, you know what I think of him. Anyway, one thing that stood out in a bad way: Deathstroke defeating Anarky was way too easy, unless the writers meant to imply that was part of Anarky’s plan. I didn’t get that vibe though.

This is one of the most intense episodes of Beware, though, minor complaints aside. Deathstroke fans should be pleased.

Beware the Batman Deathstroke vs Batman

  • Deathstroke is a cool addition, one of the best villains on the show
  • Ava Kirk is more likable than previous episode
  • Great hand to hand fights
  • Really, Anarky? You didn't plan for a betrayal?
  • Harvey Dent, just shut up!
  • Katana's only role here is to be a liability