Beware the Batman continues, with fan-favorite Ra’s al Ghul getting in on the action. Beware the Spoilers!

Jason Burr (Matthew Lillard), still under the influence of Cypher, steals the Ion Cortex, so that he can make a deal with the League of Assassins. The League of Assassins plan to use it to cause a major blackout in Gotham, plunging the city into darkness. To make matters worse, the League revives Ra’s al Ghul (Lance Reddick).

Sadly, this episode, I felt, was the weakest in a while. While the plot summary sounds good….I figured that would all be the first half. But the summary I just gave…that’s stretched out the first episode, and it can drag. You may wonder, how do they stretch that a whole episode? They interspersed flashbacks throughout.

Not that I am dissing the flashbacks; they were actually my favorite part of the episode. We finally get some bonding moments between Bruce and Alfred (J.B. Blanc). Nothing like beating up thugs, right? I also love the scene where Alfred first meets Bruce. Man, Bruce must have read the entire library in a year!


Back in the present, I did enjoy the confrontation between Batman (Anthony Ruivivar) and Ra’s. The fight is pretty brutal, and Ra’s is actually pretty impressive, although some Batman fans will object to him getting beat up yet again!

Sadly, I have more objections than positives this time. Once again, Lady Shiva is basically reduced to a side-villain, the way Katana (Sumalee Montano) broke Jason out of his trance was just lazy, and the cliffhanger lacked the bite it should have had. At least the voice acting is good.

While this episode wasn’t really to my liking, it does set-up what should be an epic follow-up, so hopefully, that one delivers. If not, I’ll be a bit disappointed.


  • Final fight is brutal
  • Flashbacks add development and emotion
  • Slow-paced and anti-climatic
  • Batman looks like a punching bag again
  • Lady Shiva still isn't getting recognition
  • The way Katana saves Jason is lazy