BEWARE THE BATMAN “Epitaph” Review

The Beware the Batman marathon continues with a mystery episode. Obviously, SPOILERS ahead! Seriously, major spoilers.

Bruce Wayne (Anthony Ruivivar), having decided to back up Harvey Dent (Christopher McDonald) in his mayoral candidacy, attends the rally. Unfortunately, he gets shot by a Batman imposter. Bruce lives, but decides to let Gotham City continue to think he’s  dead, so that he can investigate the assassination attempt easier.

Beware the Batman Katana vs Fake

I’m always up for an intriguing episode like this one. The main question, of course, is who is trying to frame Batman. With that said, my favorite part of the episode was how Bruce stays “dead” to fool the opponent. He even has Alfred (J.B. Blanc) and Katana (Sumalee Montano) host a funeral for him (the funeral is also attacked, because nothing is sacred anymore).

The climax is really edge of your seat, as Batman confronts the man behind the fake-mask: Dane Lisslow (Robin Atkin Downes), who had been Dent’s bodyguard, and had even befriended Bruce. The feeling of betrayal Bruce feels is only matched by the confusion when Dane explains that he’s being forced by Deathstroke…but is everything as it seems.

The twists keep coming, even as late as the final five minutes, and the writers make sure that everything ties in (Harvey Dent gets a well-deserved scene that many Batman fans will smile at). Beware the Batman only has two episodes left, but this episode left them plenty of momentum!

Beware the Batman Epitaph 2

  • Tense atmosphere
  • Bruce Wayne's plan is ingenious
  • All those plot twists!
  • Well, Dent is still annoying, but the thing that happens to him helps a bit