James McGill is about to learn a hard lesson! But just how will this affect the series going forward? Read on to find out.

The official description from AMC:

As his troubles escalate to a boiling point, Jimmy finds himself in dire straits. An act of carelessness puts Chuck at risk.

With the first episode still fresh in viewers minds, AMC have seen fit to kindly treat us to the second, with less than 24 hrs separating the two. Having thoroughly enjoyed last night’s premiere episode, I was eager to dive into the second, as though “Uno” failed to capture the same level of grit, and drama that Breaking Bad was known for, it did a fantastic job of re-introducing us to Saul Goodman, and his time before Breaking Bad.


Jimmy’s defence skills are quickly put to the test, as moving on from last episode’s gripping climax, he is forced to plead for his life, with drug dealer Tuco not being in the mood to mess around. The shocking appearance of yet another familiar face, in Tuco, was certainly pleasing, as though there are other Breaking Bad characters I’d love to see in this series more, it’s nice to see that Saul’s connections branch further back than initially thought. “Mijo” also manages to liven the series up, as for anyone that felt “Uno” was a little tame, they’ve no longer got anything to fear, with Tuco’s drastic actions adding a grippingly thrilling twist to this new series. Despite the suspenseful nature of this encounter, it was the aftermath that really impressed, with Jimmy’s emotional discomfort showing a different character than we’re used to from Breaking Bad.


Bob Odenkirk gives one of his best performances to date as Saul Goodman/James McGill, as though he always entertained during his time in Breaking Bad, there weren’t any moments that allowed for the level of character depth that’s on display here. Former Breaking Bad alumni, Raymond Cruz also makes an appearance in this episode, reprising his role as drug dealer Tuco Salamanca. Having enjoyed his time in Breaking Bad, I was ecstatic to see him appear in Better Call Saul, with the ruthless, yet dim nature of his character being as entertaining as ever. In addition to this, we also get yet another solid appearance from Jonathan Banks (Mike Ehrmantraut), as though he is yet to make a substantial influence on this series, his presence is as striking as ever.

Better Call Saul continues to be a thoroughly entertaining series, with the Breaking Bad spin-off only going from strength to strength. Quickly capturing the suspense, and thrilling tempo that made Breaking Bad a hit, “Mijo” allows for some wonderful developments, with the appearance of Tuco being a pleasant addition.

  • + Tuco isn't messing around!
  • + Great character depth to James McGill.
  • + Thrillingly suspenseful.
  • - Still in the early stages of development.