Awesome GAME OF THRONES Spoilers for THE NORTH Hit

Spoiler time, folks!

As filming for the sixth season of Game of Thrones soldiers on, more and more details leak out from the set. We’ve had big casting news and some pretty nifty spoilers, and now some set reports have come through with very, very big spoilers. The kind that you may regret reading, so unless you’re way too curious then get the hell outta here.

Ready? Okay.


The ever-reliable Watchers on the Wall are back with another big spoiler piece, this time coming from their well-placed sources, and it’s all about the North. The last we checked in on it Stannis was dead, the Boltons were victorious and Sansa and Theon took a suicide jump – oh, and Jon Snow was killed. It wasn’t in the best shape. This gloom and despair confused and even turned off viewers; show fans questioned why they should bother with a show that was so depressing, and book fans questioned why the writers weren’t following the source material closer. As that material has now run dry, the following news could be a completely new event or it could take place in the forthcoming Winds of Winter. Either way, it sounds fucking awesome.

Scenes are reportedly being filmed for episode nine in Saintfield, Northern Ireland, detailing massive battle preparations.

“What? Another big battle in the North?!?! UGH, if only they would just follow the book-“

This battle looks considerably different to the last, however, in the sense that it seems the Boltons wil be on the losing side. The site is saying that the battle will have multiple different armies aside from the flayers, including the wildlings, Umbers and “more”!!

star wars shocked funny

We don’t know who’s included under “more,” but I’m willing to bet we’ll see a lot of cameos from other Northern houses that haven’t made it into the show properly. Let’s get some Manderly action up in there!

Why are they fighting? We don’t know that either, but it’s certainly a strange mix of armies considering they’ve all hated each other for thousands of years. There’s only one man who could possibly unite wildling clans and great Northern houses; who could settle centuries of dispute under a common goal and a common enemy.


Too bad he’s dead.


Is he really?

Apparently, the answer is no.

We’re sorry to go full BuzzFeed, but it warranted an appropriate reaction GIF.

WotW is also saying that Kit Harington was seen on set this week participating in the filming. To ye show watchers this may come as a jaw-dropping shock – Jon seemed pretty dead last time we saw him – but we book fans have known for years. Well, not known, but it’s fairly obvious. We’ve been in exactly the same boat, however thanks to textual clues and comments from George R.R. Martin himself people managed to figure out that Jon would be coming back somehow. The bigger surprise to me in this news is that Jon will presumably be leading these armies against Winterfell, which in turn means that his resurrection won’t be an end-of-season shocker – it’ll be somewhere near the beginning.

Once he comes back, there are two directions both the story and Jon can go: north or south. If he heads north, he’ll be mingling in with Bran’s storyline and whatever the White Walkers are up to, acting as a direct POV into their world. If he heads south (which he obviously does) then he’ll be mingling in Westerosi politics which is something fans have wanted to see for a long time. He can do all of this because Jon technically isn’t a brother of the Night’s Watch anymore, as the vows are until death.

So, we know that Jon Snow definitely comes back, and we know he’ll be heading south to fight the Boltons. The question is, why? I’ve got nothing, but I’m sure the fans will come up with some credible theories to tie all the loose plot strands together. I just hope that it’s done in a coherent and interesting fashion, rather than as an excuse to get characters like Jon, Sansa and Ramsay all in the same room (field) together.


Game of Thrones returns next spring!