Since Civil War the wonderful folks over at the House of Ideas have seen fit to keep their status quo in a state of constant flux. From the rubble of each event they’ve thrown around roster and icon changes to the point that we now have Venom exploring with the Guardians of the Galaxy, Medusa as one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. and Sam Wilson taking on the mantle of Captain America.

Time to get ready guys because AVENGERS NOW! is here and I’m willing to bet this is merely the beginning as we all turn our sights to SDCC and the road to 2015.


Shout out “no” like you’re Darth Vader, and you just don’t care!

We all react the same way whenever a major alteration like this gets announced. There’s an instant sense of disbelief because we, as a community, are not ready for our staples to change. Let’s be real here: the thought that Marvel, seeing as how they’re top dog in both the theater and your local shop, would do something so controversial with their multi-billion dollar team seems downright outlandish. But hey, they did and here we are. So I guess we gotta deal with it right? Nope. But we’ll get there.

Falcon Captain America - Widescreen


Chant with me everyone: what the hell just happened?

I bet we all said that or some other variation when these curve balls rolled out. A Thor book not starring the son of Odin, really Disney? At least with Captain America we have a well-established character jumping into that role who, in my opinion, deserves the spotlight more than Bucky Barnes. Even so the frustration continued as just about everyone I knew reacted with a well-placed stomp, punch or head shake. And so in the words of the one true Emperor: “let the hate flow through you.”


We’ve made it to stage three. Now it’s time to throw money at the problem.

Now face the computer and ponder the conundrum of how we got to this point. What did we do to make them think they could do this to our heroes? Well, they did Freaky Friday Peter Parker and Doctor Octopus and that sold like gangbusters so I’m guessing that had something to do with it, need proof? Say hi to Superior Iron Man. Sadly I don’t think we can trade anything to stop this because they already know we’re going to buy it.

Superior Wink - Widescreen


Let’s curl up in a ball, hold our favorite issues close and cry.

I know this whole thing stinks because we only get one to two chances a month to enjoy our favoirite characters in a back and forth team-up situation. And to see them get brushed aside for someone as randomly included in the current continuity as Angela is upsetting. So by all means, shed some tears and get ready because we’re almost through this emotionally charged roller coaster!


Alright, I give. I’ll try this but I don’t think I’m going to like it.

This is where I’m at. I love when bold changes happen even if I think they’re questionable. This could be a mistake but hey we know they’ll have another event or two to make room for another continuity shift that’ll probably lead to something similar to Heroes Reborn, the Heroic Age or even Marvel NOW!

The Heroic Age - Widescreen

That’s it. I’m done. Just hurry up and get here because whatever you got in store I’m ready. But let me get online so I can complain about it some more before the next round of shattering announcements inevitably arrive.