With the twisted clown dead, a new face emerges from the ashes to be new face of evil. Along with that, the freaks are enjoying the new attention and fame but are they safe? Read on to read the review.

Stanley and Maggie hatch a plan to murder the Freaks. Gloria hides the evidence of Dandy’s gruesome new hobby. Desiree may not be the oddity she once thought.

The week after Halloween is always a sad one for me, because I love it so much, but luckily we get another episode of American Horror Story to fill my “Halloween” void. This week’s episode was full of big reveals and awesome revelations but there are some things that didn’t quite work.


This episode was all about reveals and hinting what is in the future for some of our characters. Everyone has their own motives in the story. We learn that Maggie and Stanley are going to kill the freaks and sell their bodies for money to a museum. We learn that Dandy has a family history of violence and will continue on the path he has started. Then we learn, that Desiree is not what she appears, which brings her tremendous happiness. After that, we have Dell, who is revealed to be a homosexual and has to deal with some of his afflicting feelings with that and his wife. Finally, we see that Elsa has more sinister plans than once thought.


The episode was good for the reveals and it seems like it may be a perfect episode but there were several parts that I was very bored. I wasn’t compelled to feel for some of these characters because the writing and performance were flat. It didn’t fully work for me. Now the good parts of this episode are the two performances of Finn Wittrock and Michael Chiklis. Finn Wittrock does a great job as Dandy. There is a scene that he does a montage of working out and voice over and it works so well. It reminded me of  which is what I feel like he was going for. It was a brilliant performance. On the side, we have Michael Chiklis, who has very emotional scene where he is talking to his male lover about his jealously and it really fantastic. He really brings all the feels to this performance.

Overall, it wasn’t the greatest episode but I really recommend it. It does have some great performances with some interesting choices. I just don’t think that this has been the strongest of the episodes.

  • +Brilliant performances by Michael Chiklis and Finn Wittrock
  • -Boring side stories really hinder this episode
  • +Some tender moments bring you in
  • -Confusing flashbacks!