Tensions are high at the freak show, what will happen next on the newest season of American Horror Story, read on to find out.

The official description from FX:

Elsa unveils a dangerous new act. Stanley puts pressure on Maggie to murder Jimmy. Paul indulges in a secret romance.

The newest season of American Horror Story has been pretty exciting but it has had its ups and downs. This episode seems to stand out with some great moments that really push the story forward and foreshadows what will happen next or at least makes us think what will happen next.


With the twins gone, sold  by Elsa to Dandy and his mother, everyone in the freak show is down in the dumps, not even Elsa’s birthday can lift their spirits. We see how far she is willing to go when she has multiple freak outs about the twins “leaving”, saying that they abandoned the freak family. Then we see that Elsa and Paul (Seal Man), is not boss and employee situation but sexual. Stanley is pressuring Maggie to kill Jimmy but she, actually, has feeling for him and says that she will bring him someone else. Luckily, she doesn’t do that and actually turns out to be a decent person when she asks Jimmy to run away with her, he agrees but has to do one things first. We, also, find out that Paul is seeing a girl whose father is very overbearing. However, Elsa finds out and is jealous. Paul accuses Elsa of being evil, she has another melt down and tells the freaks that they must prove their loyalty by being on a wheel while she throws knives. Paul volunteers and Elsa hits him. She puts on an act that she didn’t mean to but in truth she did and Paul suffers. Meanwhile, the twins are living with Dandy. Bette is very happy while Dot is using Dandy to pay for the separation surgery, which she wants. Dandy finds out and goes nuts and decides to embrace his murderous side. The episode ends with us hearing a door bell, Jimmy has arrived and Dandy invites him in with knife behind his back. It is a lot to keep track of but the world is vast with so many characters that you have to recap all of it. That may be the only problem with this episode is that so much happens that it causes confusion.


The main person that sticks out in this episode is Mat Fraser, who really succeeds at making the audience feel for his character. The scene between and his lover is go great because you get a feeling that he is accepted and happy within these scenes, which is all you want for this character. He really does shine this episode.

American Horror Story is still proving to be a good genre show, even if, it gets a little caught up with the many story lines that are in it. I continue a full recommend.

  • +Mat Fraser really shines in this episode.
  • +A scary future is revealed for our characters.
  • +Ma Petite is the cutest.
  • -New story lines distract overall.