Alice Cooper #5 Review

Alice Cooper’s comeback show is finally happening and the Clan Black is in attendance to take the nightmare king’s powers. Will he be able to fight or will he fail? Read on to find out more.

The official description from Dynamite:

As friends, fans, demons and derelicts gather for his big “comeback” show, Alice Cooper prepares his final vengeance against Clan Black. The first rocking, shocking story arc concludes… and there will be casualties.

Layout 1Alice Cooper has been making his comeback this entire series, while allowing us to see his past and present. It is has been an interesting ride and neat insight to the king of nightmares. In the conclusion of the first arc, we see the Alice preparing to meet his fans and the infamous Clan Black, who are wanting to take his powers and make him theirs, but Alice isn’t one to go down without a fight. We get a nice moment between Alice and his large snake that reminisces the moments that they have together and it adds a dynamic of compassion that I feel was lacking during some parts. After that, we get see that Lucius Black may not be as close to his Clan as once thought. All this adds up to the epic finally that brings the fear out of everyone.

Joe Harris does a fantastic job of bringing to this first arc to a close. The only concern is that it was a little anticlimactic. It happens quite quickly without much buildup. However, this is just the first arc so I am assuming there will be a bigger baddie later on.

Eman Casallos is a very great artist and proves it by using the dark colors to really tell a story, as well as, paying attention to detail with the characters. It is very well done and works well with the tone of this comic.

Alice Cooper #5 is a little anticlimactic but, overall, a great comic.

  • + Fantastic visuals and use of color
  • + A fun story line
  • + Alice Cooper is such a badass
  • - A little anticlimactic

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