ADVANCE REVIEW! Southern Bastards #4

What will happen when Earl takes the fight to Coach Boss and his gang? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

THE EXPLOSIVE ENDING TO OUR FIRST ARC! Earl Tubb and his big stick finally come face to face with Coach Boss. This will not be pretty.

Southern Bastards 4 previewIt’s all came down to this, Earl Tubbs vs. Coach Boss! Following the gripping ending to last issue, Southern Bastards sees our main character Earl take the fight to Coach Boss and his gang, seeking get revenge for the savage beating they gave to Tad, whilst ultimately trying to save the county from Coach Boss’ grip.

Jason Aaron has been delivering high quality issue after another with Southern Bastards, but he finally delivers a monumentally epic one. Having fleshed out this realistically gritty yarn over four issues, Aaron decides now to introduce a massive twist. The building tension, mixed with the determination of Earl himself makes this a sensational read, with the intensely realistic ending having this fanboy in a state of shock, and ultimately eager to read more.

Jason Latour has so far matched Aaron on every level when it comes to delivering intensity, with his gritty art having me gripped to each panel, let alone each page. Giving a sensationally dark feel throughout, Latour also manages to pore tons of emotion into these events, showing the passion from both ends. We also get some exhilarating panels, with the fight sequences being as impactful as ever. In addition to all this Latour’s bold colours also managed to give that extra bit of intensity, taking his already amazing art to the next level.

Southern Bastard‘s first arc comes to an explosive end, as Earl and Coach Boss embroil in a fight that has devastating consequences. Highly recommended.

  • + The best ending to an issue ever!
  • + Jason Aaron has delivered something truly epic.
  • + Jason Latour gives dark, yet emotional art.
  • + The exhilarating fight that fans have been waiting for.

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