5 Reasons Why Rocketium Is The Best Video Editing Software For Geeks, Fanboys, and Nerds

Gather around ye’ olde internet watering hole, cause I got some big news… I found the BEST video editing software and I want to tell you about it. It’s called Rocketium.

It’s new. It’s chic. And yes, I’m shamelessly plugging it.

Video editing has always been a CHORE for me. Admittedly, I’m a bit slow to adapt to new programs. I guess when I say “a bit slow”, I mean “really slow, like a tortoise… like a tortoise-walking-uphill-in-a-blizzard slow”.

During this wild blogging journey, I’ve always been a late-adapter. I was one of the last among my friends to join Instagram, because those gosh-darn apps are so confounding. It took me 6 whole months to wrap my head around WordPress when we first started Unleash The Fanboy. And a few years after that, when we tried to start a Youtube page, I absolutely failed to figure out Final Cut or iMovie.

I was stopped dead in my tracks.

It’s not that I didn’t see the value in videos. After all, we started this site in 2011, a bit before comic book movies became “main stream” with The Avengers. We knew that we wanted to share our opinions with our audience in every way possible. We jumped on Facebook, Twitter, and podcasts. We really wanted to take video platforms by storm, but I was thick headed. I couldn’t figure it out.

Until a few weeks ago.

I happened to see a Rocketium ad in my Facebook feed. As you can probably tell, the Lizard King Zuckerburg probably knew I had been searching Google for years for “easy to use video editing software”. I’ve seen a million video editing ads pop up in my feed through the years, but Rocketium is the first one that looked like it was Steve-proof. I mean, absolutely dummy proof.

So without further adieou, let me tell you 5 Reasons Why Rocketium Is The Best Video Editing Software For Geeks, Fanboys, and Nerds

#5 It automatically edits your videos


All you need to do is write your post, grab a few photos, and upload it.

Rocketium does the rest.

It will automatically edit your content into a seamless video. It’s perfect for a geek blogger like me, who just wants to share his opinion with the world. I can’t be bothered to spend hours and hours editing videos. Especially since most of the videos I’ve edited on other software have turned out so crummy.

Rocketium takes my geeky opinions (however good or bad they might be) and transform them into incredibly professional and modern videos. What used to take hours or days of frustrating video editing now takes 30 minutes.

#4 But everything is still customizable


Don’t worry. If you like to have full authority over your video creations, you will. Rocketium’s editing dashboard allows users to edit the nitty gritty of their videos. You can swap effects, mess with timing, and throw in text whenever you want.

#3 Templates for days

Rocketium Editor

There are so many video templates. Once you’ve uploaded your text and images, Rocketium will automatically create an edited video. They’ll automatically select a template for you, but if you don’t like it, there’s a library chocked full of different templates. You’ll find some that’ll remind you of IGN, others more akin to Tasty, and dozens more as they’re added to the market every week.

If you’re anything like me, then you want your content to be pitch perfect. Your voice, as depicted in your written text, is your fanboy spirit. And the last thing you’d want is for that voice to be associated with a douchey “Vice-esque” template or a tween “I’m-so-edgy” design. That’s where Rocketium’s diverse library comes in as a Godsend.

#2 Automatically Resizes for Facebook, Youtube, and more

Rocketium Editor (1)

Have you ever made a video for Youtube? Have you ever taken that same video and uploaded it to Facebook?

It’s looks horrible, right?

That’s why so many online publishers dedicate entire teams to Facebook and Youtube video editing. Both of those platforms are so different. The way audiences consume video couldn’t be farther apart. On Facebook, users love text heavy videos with great background music. They encounter these videos during their hour long journey on the subway. As they mindlessly scroll down through their Newsfeed, they’re waiting for a juicy video to hook their interest. So Facebook videos need to be SPOT ON. They need to have that perfect square dimension, large text, and great sounds. Things which we comic book geeks don’t really consider when we’re hurriedly trying to get the latest Batman scoop on the web before anyone els.e

Youtube audiences, on the other hand, are deliberately watching certain channels. I know that I’m subscribed to a few dozen channels, and I can’t wait for them to upload videos, so I can watch… and then rant in the comments. My favorite Youtubers don’t need to worry about hooking me in as I’m scrolling through my Youtube subscribed section, because I’m already there waiting.

Whichever type of audience you’re targeting, the point remains…

Resizing and editing videos is annoying. Thankfully, Rocketium does that for you.

#1 I can make 10 more videos per day

Rocketium Editor (2)

That might sound crazy, but it’s true. Prior to Rocketium, I could barely make a video a week. At the same time, I was pumping out 500+ word articles at a rate of 10-15 a day.

Don’t even get me started on the rest of the staff here. If we had Rocketium in the early days of UTF, I’m sure that we would have a 20,000 video library of some of the greatest geeky rants the world has ever seen.

Honorable Mentions

Team chatrooms, social engagement tracking, view tracking


So now that I’ve told you all about it, what’s there left to do?

Well, you can thank me. Although this is an absolute plug-to-end-all-plugs, rest assured I wouldn’t promote anything that isn’t worthwhile. Also, I wouldn’t promote anything that I wouldn’t actively use.

You can find them by clicking here… or clicking the image below…