4 Black Heroes Who Might Be in Marvel Phase 4

4 Black Heroes who are totally, maybe coming to Marvel Phase 4

#1 The Prowler

We know Black Panther will return for his sequel. But did you know Donald Glover is in talks for a role. Many Marvel die-hards know that Glover was already cast as the Prowler… Who made his first appearance in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Traditionally a villain, we think that Prowler will be more of an anti-hero.

#2 Miles Morales

The 2nd Spider-Man from Marvel’s Ultimate Universe, Miles is a clear choice. He already has a Sony movie coming up, Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. Which looks… AMAZING!!! … all puns intended. And his uncle, The Prowler, already exists as Marvel Cinematic Universe Canon. As we mentioned earlier, Donald Glover plays the role. So why wouldn’t Miles exist in-universe, too?

#3 Blue Marvel

Blue Marvel is another Superman-esque hero. Created in 2008, by the totally badass Kevin Grevioux… You might recognize him as one of the werewolves form Underworld. Blue Marvel has gone toe-to-toe with Sentry and Hyperion, and KO’d Hulk himself. He’s one of the few black superheroes to be a cosmic level power. Which is refreshing, when most black heroes are street level enforcers.

#4 Doctor Voodoo

Jericho Drumm is the Hatian born Doctor Voodoo. Created in 1973, Doctor Voodoo was a Constantine-like protagonist. He quickly became one of the most popular magic wielders in the Marvel Universe. He even replaced Doctor Strange as the Sorcerer Supreme. Expect to see him in Strange’s inevitable Phase 4 sequel.