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If you haven’t seen recent Marvel films including Thor: The Dark World there are major spoilers ahead. 

Marvel Studios seemingly understands how to make their films more entertaining than the previous ones. We saw that The Dark World is easily outdoing the original film with critics and impressive box office numbers. Currently, it’s the third most successful Marvel film overseas. Fans are embracing it and hasn’t earned the same Iron Man 3 backlash over it’s own plot twists. Thor 3 is expected (but not confirmed) be announced this summer along with other Phase Three titles. As the actors and even Marvel’s Kevin Feige sounded inspired to make a third movie. During the recent press tours. Kevin (via Nerdist Podcast) going as far as stating their solo installments are more of standalone adventures. Rather than parts of a trilogy. Giving the characters more breathing room to tell single-serving stories. Instead of one big epic told in three parts. A sentiment we’ve seen put into play post-Avengers. Iron Man 3 and The Dark World didn’t really have too many connections to their superhero peers. Allowing the heroes to have their own personal journeys before the events of Age of Ultorn. A third film is years away at this point but we have some ideas, of where it could be going. Again, there are massive spoilers here. You have been warned.

I have my own problems with the film. While The Dark World will be making huge bank worldwide it’s not a perfect film. The Thor/Jane relationship isn’t as convincing this time around. Likely, due to Natalie Portman not really wanting to return for the sequel (post-Oscar win) and we can see that in her performance. Christopher Eccleston is an excellent actor but Malekith was too ambiguous/serious for this franchise. We were expecting a little more light-hearted aspects to our villains  (ala Flash Gordon‘s Ming). Bringing back Loki is good way to combat this, but having a larger looming threat might boost the stakes.

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LOKI’S SECRET REIGN OF ASGARD: At the end of The Dark World we are shown that Odin has been replaced by a very alive Loki. I assume Loki will rule in his Odin disguise until Thor or someone else discovers this. We don’t see what actually happens to Odin. Perhaps, Odin is just hidden in his chambers (Odin-sleep?) or is put in the dungeons. It’s possible that Loki is getting bored of his conquest and is looking for answers to his own origins. This could lead to the discovery that Balder The Brave is actually the legitimate son of Odin and not Thor. Loki having Balder under his command could see him at odds with Thor. Not to mention Loki’s own personal discoveries. A lot of people have been talking about a Loki spin-off film. Why not just include more of his stories into a sequel instead?

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AMORA THE ENCHANTRESS: Best known as Loki’s side-kick and love interest. Amora is one of the most popular Asgardian characters but has never made her way into the films. There has been talk from actor Tom Hiddleston about his desire and campaign to Marvel to get her in the next movie. The Enchantress has been rumored since the first film and Chris Hemsworth agreed that Charlize Theron would be an excellent casting choice. The character has played both sides but has mostly been a faithful ally of Loki. I think it’s about time a Marvel film finally has a solid female villain written in.

I’d love to see Amora’s task to distract Thor by wrecking his relationship with Jane and giving him side-villains to fight. A conflict between Jane and Thor could be a way to give the characters a better arc. Seducing him as another mortal after his heart. Leading Jane to put Thor in the doghouse for a while (also giving us a break from Jane as well). Having Amora and Loki also adding heroic distractions like creating the Absorbing Man or Wrecking Crew (or both) to run a muck of crime and destruction on Earth. Allowing time for Loki to get his plans together which might lead to another attempt of the subjugation of Midgard. This time with an army that could get the job done. That’s if we even need to have Earth crowbarred into the plot again.

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HELA, LOKI’S ARMY AND THE REALMS OF THE DEAD: It was pointed out during the interaction between Frigga and Loki that Loki has no idea who his real mother is. We do know that his father is Jotunhiem’s King Laufey. My theory is that his mother wasn’t from Jotunhiem (I’m sure there is also an explanation in the comics as well). In the comics, Hela is actually the daughter of Loki along with a few other mythical creatures. I wouldn’t put it past Marvel to switch that up a bit for the movies turning her into his biological mother instead. It would explain his size along with his expert use of magic. This could lead to the introduction of the Valkyrie (Brunnhilde), the realms of the dead (Hel and Valhalla) and Mephisto (Marvel’s version of the devil).

Killing-off Thor in this film or even Age of Ultron wouldn’t mean the end of the character. Asgardians have the good luck to be sent to a psychical realm rather than an afterlife (they’re aliens afterall). Having Thor’s journey in either Hel or Valhalla to return back to the living world would be something unique to this franchise. Not to mention it would be an excuse to have him face previous foes (seen or unseen on screen) or even bring back Frigga. Perhaps, as his guide or protector in the realm of the fallen.

Loki could make his way back to Jotunhiem to discover his true origins from the frost giants. Taking yet another crown as the true heir to the throne of the icy realm. Sparking an interest to rule all nine realms instead of just Asgard and Midgard. Learning that his mother is Hela tries to gain her realm and powers as well. Possibility giving him the ability to resurrect and control the dead. We’ve seen in the comics that Loki and Enchantress amass an army of their own. Having his army include heavies such as a resurrected/brainwashed Bor Father of Odin (played by Tony Curran in Dark World) and Skurge The Executioner (originally a Frost Giant turned Asgardian like Loki). A pair that could go toe-to-toe with Thor similar to Kurse and Malekith. Not to mention hordes of frost giants, rock trolls (Ulik anyone?), dragons, giant wolves (Garm and Fernis), demons, monsters and other fallen souls. If under the guise of Odin he could pretty much talk fellow Asgardians into following any of his plans. Including rallying the other realms into one kingdom by force.

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TROLLS, LIGHT ELVES, DWARVES AND OTHER REALMS: The Dark World gave us more off-world exploration with couple of new realms. We’ve only seen a small amount of the nine realms in the two installments. Light elves, rock trolls and dwarves haven’t even made appearances in the MCU. Marvel seemed too hesitant about adding too many fantasy elements. Going with futuristic alien technology instead for the Dark Elves. Rather than the simplistic aspects of the frost giants. Playing up the science fiction aspect of the franchise which is likely to separate it from the Middle Earth films. I’ll be curious to see how Marvel incorporates magic and technology within the other realms. It could be just as interesting visually as the Dark Elves. The Asgardians could also use some allies such as the light elves and dwarves in future battles. Thor gathering the support from those realms to combat his power hungry brother could more exciting than him trying to go in solo (we’ve seen that pretty much twice already). A giant LOTR-type battle scene has been teased (opening sequences) but we haven’t got one with Thor leading the charge, just skirmishes.


THANOS AND SURTUR: The fire demon has been setup since the first film. Recent comments by both actor Chris Hemsworth and Marvel’s Kevin Feige hint that Surtur could end up the big threat. We know that the Eternal Flame is in Odin’s vault. The mystical flame that cannot be extinguished. It was stolen from Surtur by Odin, Vili, and Ve Borson at the dawn of time so that Surtur could not light his sword and bring about Ragnarok (the apocalypse in the world of Thor). His origins would make for an interesting opening sequence. Thanos and his followers could put the events in motion to bring Surtur back. We know Thanos offers up lives to his Mistress Death as gifts. Snuffing out the nine realms sounds like something Thanos would do.


END-CREDITS SCENE WITH THANOS STEALING THE INFINITY GAUNTLET: The Collector mentions that he’s got one infinity “stone” with five to go. It’ll be interesting to see how that quest effects the rest of Phase Two and Phase Three films. At the moment the actual infinity gauntlet and tesseract (one of the infinity stones) are sitting safely in Odin’s vault. Volstagg and Sif reveal to The Collector (Benicio Del Toro) that they have the one of the stones in the vault. A great button scene having Thanos making his way to Asgard and getting his hands on the gauntlet. By this time he should have the atheuer and most of the infinity stones already in his pocket. Possibly leading straight into the events of Avengers 3.

I’m just listing-off ideas here. Marvel’s creative department and writers likely already have their own ideas. Since they plan these films years in advance. Loki, Enchantress and Surtur being setup as villains have been hinted to. There is also, if Thanos is going to be the villain of Avengers 3. He’s going to need to get into Odin’s vault and get his mitts on the gauntlet. Allowing Thanos to become powerful enough to defeat the Avengers and Guardians of The Galaxy.

Do you have your own ideas for what Marvel should include in Thor 3? Just list them off below in the comments section.