Who doesn’t love Adam West? He’s like that fun, ambiguously gay uncle who everyone adores, but who no one takes too seriously. Especially when you compare him to his far darker Batman brethren, like Christian Bale or Michael Keaton.

But just imagine, for one moment, that Adam West was a gritty, skull-breaking, Caped Crusader. Forget everything you know about the 1960’s series and all of its campy glory. Now, pretend that West replaced Bale in Christopher Nolan’s movies, especially The Dark Knight.

That’s what comic book artist Dan McDaid in his latest commissioned piece…and the result is pretty epic. Check out his take on the much beloved Batpod scene from TDK.


And if you have trouble remembering…this is the scene it’s taken from:

Pretty damn amazing, right? You can see more of McDaid’s art on his blog and in his regular contributions to the world of fanboy-dom.

Here’s some extra trivia for you…can you remember the name of the actors who played Joker and Robin? Highlight the following for the answer: Cesar Romero and Burt Ward