Wait – Why is This Guy in ANT-MAN?

Look, I tried to keep the title as vague as possible, so I’m sorry if it wasn’t interesting enough for you, Mr SEO.

Remember the recently-released final Ant-Man trailer when Scott Lang remarked that they should just call The Avengers instead? It looks like they did.

Now, a very long time ago there some rumours that Anthony Mackie would be showing up, and it looks like they were correct. Why? I’d say it’s likely that in one of the post-credits scenes (or just at the end of the movie) Scott Lang will be recruited to join the Avengers. I mean, this post on Reddit kinda shows that this little plot point has been hiding under our noses the entire time.

ant-man avengers


Ant-Man opens in a few weeks; by then we’ll know what all this Avengers-talk is all about. Or you could just go and read the spoilers which are out there right now. It’s entirely up to you.