Wait, ANT-MAN is GOOD?!


Remember when Edgar Wright dropped out of Ant-Man and the whole fandom cried heresy? Indeed, t’was a sad day. Wright was the only reason that the film was happening, and his quick-and-quirky unique visual style coupled with great storytelling capabilities had a lot of people excited for a film which, in other hands, would have left a bad taste in the mouth.

Said bad taste arrived in the mouth once Wright departed due to creative differences with Marvel and the studio was left scrambling for a new director. The movie suddenly felt like the unwanted child of Phase II. It was too late into pre-production to just cancel so they had to press ahead with a film which didn’t matter an awful lot and they probably weren’t too keen on making. To add salt to the wound, most fans weren’t too keen on seeing it either. It was a sticky situation. When Peyton Reed was hired to direct, people were left with the thought – “why should we care?” He wasn’t exactly the most inspiring choice in the world.

However, the first reactions to Ant-Man are rolling in and they’re actually… well, pretty damn good.

What I think is most interesting is that there is two post-credits scenes, and I’m gonna wager that they’re both fairly significant. What could they be? Thanos picking up another glove? I’m simply filled with excitement.

On a serious note, I always knew that Ant-Man would be good. That isn’t me standing on my high horse but rather acknowledging nature; typically films that are trashed and hated on for months end up being pretty good i.e. X-Men: First Class. Then again, I said that before The Amazing Spider-Man was released, so what do I know?