Viral Marketing For Prometheus Begins

The viral marketing for one of the most anticipated movies of the summer has begun. The other day, Ridley Scott said that Guy Pearce would be playing Peter Weyland, the CEO of the corporation that launches Prometheus. It’s not too revealing, but is obviously just setting the stage for what is yet to come.

If you’re a fan of the original Alien film(s), then you’ll notice that in the movie the corporation that send the Nostromo ship into Space was called Weyland-Yutani, and Pearce is playing Peter Weyland. A website for the company has also been set up, which at the moment features the video saying: “Considered a seminal moment in the career of our founder Peter Weyland, this 2023 TED Talk launched Weyland Corp into the international spotlight. In honor of our 50th year, Weyland Corp is planning to offer a new round of investment soon. Interested parties can expect to find out more within the next few days.” So we can look forward to more on the viral campaign leading up to the release in the summer soon, hopefully. I know I’m excited!