Top 5 Reasons why a Catwoman Spinoff WILL work


When I first heard of the rumour that there could potentially be a Catwoman spinoff, featuring Anne Hathaway reprising her role from The Dark Knight Rises, I, like many a rabid Bat-Fan, scoffed at the mere notion, however after giving it some thought the idea seems more and more appealing.


Perhaps the biggest stumbling block is making a story worth telling, luckily for everyone this story already exists in Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s excellent ‘Catwoman: When in Rome’. A story about Catwoman travelling to Rome to find out the identity of her father, who she believes to be crime lord Carmine Falcone, substitute Rome for Gotham and you have the beginnings on why Miss Kyle wound up in Gotham in the first place. The potential is there to also add to TDKR’s story by showing how Selina Kyle first turned to a life of crime and further explore her motivations in greater detail, as well as paralleling Bruce Wayne’s own story of a parentless adolescence.


TDKR is set 8 years after The Dark Knight…. 8 freaking years! That’s a lot of time and a Catwoman spinoff could show us what was going on in Gotham during these 8 years.


Another adventure set within the universe Chris Nolan created opens up the possibility of adapting villains from Batman’s rogue gallery that we never got to see in the Nolanverse. Whilst it is said that crime was down during the totalitarian enforcement of the Dent act ( I can’t get behind an act that abuses so many human rights no matter how hard I try!) the film can show the affects of Batman and The Joker and how they inspired other criminals to take that next step and up their game.


A Catwoman film that fits inbetween The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises has the potential to retroactively fit Nolan’s Bat-Trilogy into a shared DC universe. We could have a news report on a certain caped wonder in Metropolis, or even a cameo from othe DC heroes…


Don’t tell me you don’t want to see more of Anne squeezed into that skin tight costume!

Of course any film that attempts to fit within Chris Nolans much loved trilogy would have to tread very carefully and respect what has come before it or risk the wrath of fanboys everywhere.

  • Ann Namouse

    You forgot the most important part. Adam could be her side kick, They meet when adam runs her over while she is riding a bike, then again as he is attempting to steal some public art work, Finally the hook up when he has had to much to drink and Anne takes him under her wing.. You know a sort of art reflects life type of thing

  • DownvotemycommentUshmuck

    “A shared DC universe”
    Why is there a need for ruining the symphony of Nolans Batman by adding a bunch of fantastical creatures(i.e. Superman and the “gang”) not rooted in reality to the mix?
    I get it,the Avengers stunt worked but why does it have to be copied?
    Just make a separate version of Batman universe if you need to mix him with the rest of the men in tights.

    • Ciaran

      I agree it isn’t necessary but like it or not ALOT of DC fans want a shared universe… Rather than a direct reboot I would personally like to see JGL star in some movies as Batman, and theres no reason why that couldn’t include a JLA movie

  • Keltari

    really?! a catwoman spinoff?! In TDKR, she was a minor character, that the movie could have – and should have- cut. Her sole purpose was to give Bruce the itch to be a detective again. After that, her scenes in the movie were rather pointless.

    • Joseph Handibode

      Ha,ha I love that post. Her time in movie pointless? I think not, she is the brightest part of the movie.
      Catwoman was the bright spots of the movie along with adding key points to the story such as redemption. Catwoman went from cat burgler to a person who cares and helps batman save the day.
      Catwoman was in the movie more than batman and bruce so she is not minor character. As for batman lore, she was never a minor character, major character since issue 1.

      • Keltari

        you are entitled your opinion, even if you are wrong.

        • Ron ONeal

          Dude, you’re delusional. Catwoman was integral to the the movie. Pointless? You’re comment was pointless & clueless.

  • alex

    Catwoman’s role in the dark knight rises was huge and crucial the story.s development. She was the best part of the movie

  • Felixi

    They must, they absolutely must. Everyone LOVED Catwoman, maybe a few wailing jerks didn’t but in general she was widely well-received. With Nolan producing (like he is with Superman), Anne on board (which she is), it would be AMAZING. A heist/action/origin/transatlantic movie would be awesome. Maybe it could even involve the Riddler or something like “When In Rome”…possibly a more dignified version though. It’d be amazing. And everyone about to say it won’t work because of that Halle Berry movie no one really remembers, just shut up now.

  • Samuel Wright

    I can totally see Selina Kyle getting her start in crime because of the events following the capture of the Joker. Despite the veneer of clean streets and morality the city really went downhill. It would make sense for ther to turn to crime and hate authority…