Top 5 Most Awesome STAR WARS Prequel Characters

Star Wars Week continues on and this time we have for you a bit of a fun one – the best characters in the Star Wars Prequels!

The Prequels themselves were terrible as we all know, however they often receive some unfair hate. After all, they had quite a few decent elements, and George Lucas managed to create some memorable characters to join the expansive Star Wars universe.

Here are our top five suggestions, with some choices not being quite as obvious. We are starting with…


watto star wars the phantom menace

Well Watto you know? Ha! Get it?! That was pretty lame I’m sorry.

Ah, Watto. Who wouldn’t love him? Especially after learning that he had Anakin and his mother Shmi Skywalker as slaves? All right, so obviously that wouldn’t be a good point to make, and let’s not even bring up the fact that he’s a gambler, but despite that flaw he is entertaining to watch. Let me explain.

His entertainment comes from him being grouchy in the parts of the film that he is in. He reminds me of some grandparents that are just naturally grumpy and no matter what you say/do everything bothers him.

Not to mention he has the ability to resist the Jedi Mind Trick, a technique to persuade people. That is pretty freaking cool, but of course Watto would probably think otherwise.

Jar Jar Binks


Now before you disagree with me on this one hear me out….

Nah, I’m just kidding. You thought I was serious for a minute there didn’t you?

Dexter Jettster


For those who don’t remember, he was a bar owner on the planet Coruscant and is also one of Obi-Wan’s old friends. He was able to identify Zam Wesell’s poison dart as a Kamino Saberdart which is a pretty cool talent to have to be honest, seeing as it wasn’t in the Jedi archives. He knew of the Kaminoans who were cloners and told Obi-Wan, which goes to show how wise he really is.

He doesn’t have that big of a role but he definitely should have been. He was definitely one of those characters that weren’t annoying and not getting enough credit like others have.

Hey – he should get an Anthology movie! I’d watch it.

Chancellor Palpatine


Lives under the nose of the Jedi Council for over a decade as a secret Sith Lord? Converts one of the most powerful Jedi? Manipulates an intergalactic war from behind the scenes? C’mon, that’s awesome.

While George Lucas’ execution wasn’t always great, it’s pretty evident that he’s a galactic badass of the highest accord. It takes someone with real skill to turn a guy like Anakin away from the Jedi and not clue him into the fact that you’re a Sith, as well as orchestrating the Clone Wars without getting caught. Plus, Ian McDiarmid puts in a deliciously evil performance. What’s not to love?

All this just proves that (despite being evil) he is pretty freaking smart for being deceitful and turning one of their own against them.

Qui-Gon Jinn


Firstly, it’s Liam Neeson, need I say more?

Okay, so if that doesn’t do it for you though I will still give you a few reasons.

  • He is Obi-Wan’s master
  • He practically led the entirety of The Phantom Menace
  • Not to mention it’s Liam Neeson
  • He is a damn good Jedi Master
  • The guy who discovered the Chosen One – Anakin. Although this may not be such a good thing…
  • Did I mention he’s Liam Neeson?

Mace Windu


This one is a given.

First he was the ONLY one with the Purple lightsaber which is pretty freaking cool and made every Star Wars fan want one as well. He brought some much-needed diversity to the trilogy, but also managed to display some characteristics too. In comparison to Obi-Wan Kenobi, he’s pretty grumpy and miserable all the time (there’s actually a fan theory out there suggesting he wanted to be the Chosen One, hence his distaste towards Anakin, which I like). That’s character I suppose…?

In true Samuel L. Jackson fashion, he had BMF engraved on his lightsaber (for “bad mother fucker”) – according to IMDB anyways. Not like he needed it on his lightsaber to tell us that comment, though.

Continuing on, he had a distrust of Anakin, and as we could see that was for a good reason. Yoda eventually receded in his opposition to Anakin being trained, and the rest of the Council didn’t really seem to care. Windu was the only one ever vocal about the matter, but what recognition did he get? None! Freaking Jedi.

He genuinely looks like he could give two shits. I mean look at the picture above.

He killed Boba Fett’s Father and according to Star Wars Lore, Windu is supposedly only second to Master Yoda in Skill. He really is a BAMF.


Alright that is all for tonight on Star Wars Week. Which characters would you choose? Do you agree with some of these on this list? Why or why not? Try choosing some that aren’t so obvious. Have a bit of fun with it too.

Stay tuned for more!