Tommy Wiseau Wants in on FANTASTIC FOUR 2

I mean, it can’t get any worse, right?

By this point, the ‘let’s hate on Fantastic Four!’ horse has had the absolute shit kicked out of it so that there’s no life left. It’s dead; it was fun to joke about how disappointing the movie was for a week or two, but we’ve all moved on now. It sucked, it was a mess – it’s done with.

So now we can hate on the sequel!!!

Despite being a critical and financial bomb, Fox swears up-and-down that they’re moving forward with the planned 2017 sequel. Everybody knows they won’t, but so long as they keep saying it fans can keep speculating about what could potentially happen. Now we all have a new thing to ponder about – the director. There’s no way Josh Trank is being brought back, so who else could they go for?

Why, Tommy Wiseau, of course!


Even if you don’t know the name, then you’ve probably heard of his most famous work of art – The Room. The early 2000’s movie has become infamous in pop culture for being absolutely fucking awful to the point where it’s hilarious and enjoyable. This obviously makes him the perfect candidate to direct Fantastic Four 2, and he’s thrown his hat into the ring. Chatting with Milwaukee Magazine, Wiseau said…

“You know, I told you I saw this Fantastic Four… it just… I’m not being critical –  let me put it this way: I like it, I did enjoy it number one. Number two, it’s too bad they didn’t call me, that’s all I want to say and I rest my case. (laughs) That’s all I can tell you. (laughs) Good response in Europe though, that’s my understanding, but it’s too bad they didn’t call me, that’s my point. Maybe if there’s a sequel, you know. You know, maybe your article gets me that job, who knows what will happen.

“You know what, I tell you what – I’m very open, I’ll give you [the writer] my commission fee.”

Well, it sounds as if he enjoyed it.

Obviously there is absolutely zero chance of this happening in the history of ever, but just think – what if? Would it just be intentionally awful, or would Tommy Wiseau actually try? What the fuck would it even look like? I’ve never dared to watch The Room, so I’ve got nothing. If you’ve braved those dark waters and you actually wouldn’t mind seeing his take on Marvel’s first family, then sound off with your thoughts below!

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