TOM HIDDLESTON’s Thor Screen Test. Yeah, He Was Almost Thor

tom hiddleston thor

Hard to imagine Tom Hiddleston as anyone but Loki, isn’t it?

Well, once upon a time, that British thespian auditioned for the role of Thor Odinson. Throwing on a dapper blond wig and a hot gray nike tank top, Hiddleston went to play with his stone hammer.

I suppose it all looks a bit goofy now, since Hiddleston’s inseparable from his iconic Loki performance (and because he looks doofy in these money shots), but make no mistake, Tom was a serious contender!

Tom Hiddleston Thor

Tom Hiddleston Thor Movie

Again, I absolutely love Hiddleston’s take on Loki (even if I kinda, sorta hate everyone else’s over the top obsession with it), but these gifs remind me how lucky we are to have Chris Hemsworth as Thor. The role of the Odinson is so damn goofy, but Hemsworth transforms it into something badass, funny, and downright regal.

By the way, how hilarious would an Anthony Hopkins audition tape for Thor be? Because he’s old.

Well, now that I think about it, Hopkins would own the shit out of that try-out.