Tim Burton and Michael Keaton Could Return for BEETLEJUICE SEQUEL


It seems that no movie can survive without an unnecessary cash-grab (I mean sequel), being made at least two decades later.

Tim Burton, after two under-performing films in a row (Dark Shadows and a remake of his first film Frankenweenie), is now going back to what he knows, and what he knows is a sequel to one of his best films, the horror comedy Beetlejuice.

Not only that, but star Michael Keaton is apparently also in negotiations to possibly take on what many consider to be his best film performance on again.

According to the report, Burton could very well abandon his next film project, a fantasy film called Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, in order to make this one.

Historically, though, Burton hasn’t been the best when it comes to sequels (the completely abysmal Alice in Wonderland sequel) or remakes (Planet of the Apes, Mark Wahlberg Edition). Let’s also not forget that particularly hilarious bit of film geek history, the scrapped sequel Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian, the script in question almost written by cult film director Kevin Smith at one point.

And let’s not forget the last time a well-respected film director tried to create a sequel decades after the original, and how well that worked out for everyone.

Shameless cash grab with digital monkeys? Nahhhhhh.

Shameless cash grab with digital monkeys? Nahhhhhh.

All in all, if Burton’s as smart as he once was, he should probably not go for this. This sounds like a recipe for possibly ruining yet another classic film. A shameless sequel isn’t the way to go here, Warner Bros. You’ve already proved that people want new and original content, as three-time box office winner Gravity has proven for you.

SOURCE: The Wrap