THOR: THE DARK WORLD To Film At Stonehenge

It looks like the mystical, internationally-known landmark called Stonehenge located in Wiltshire, South-West England will become a filming location for Thor: The Dark World. It’s unclear what it will be used for, but my bet is some type of portal on Earth to get to Asgard (used for Thor, Jane, Darcy and maybe Selvig). I life about a half hour to an hour away from Stonehenge, so will do my best to head down there and try and snap some pics.

The site has been used in Marvel Comics before, mainly as a ‘mystical place’. Thor: The Dark World will mark the latest blockbuster to film there, as the last major movie/TV show to do so was Doctor Who in 2010. Are you excited to see Stonehenge become a filming location for a new Marvel movie? Sound off below.

SOURCE: Twitter Via CBM