THOR: THE DARK WORLD The 9th Doctor Cast as Malekith The Accursed

With one symbolic swing of their checkbook, Marvel has simultaneously cast the newest villain in their Cinematic Universe and revealed the mysterious evil army which he’ll lead.

Christopher Eccleston, that British chap best known for his starring role as the  great Dalek killer Doctor Who, has signed onto THOR: THE DARK WORLD as Malekith The Accursed. This baddie is the leader of the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim, one of the 9 sacred races connected by the World Tree Yggdrassil, and one of the major comic book antagonists of the Odinson.

If you’ll give a quick glance to the picture at right, you’ll notice that Eccleston will portray a pretty flamboyant character… one who could easily veer heavily towards the ‘campier’ side of the MCU. Although, with Game of Thrones veteran Alan Taylor behind the helm, I think we should be in for a far more grizzly affair… but hopefully with less rape.

GOT is always a bit too rapey for my tastes.

SOURCE: deadline